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network breathtaking architecture and power. who are paying counterparts this vision was achieved. we think. we've been to the edge. i believe in it and now one. of the second time i love it here especially. is very beautiful misty prospect in st petersburg's main avenue as one of the best known streets in russia i suppose you could control the prospects. and historical sites the main point is to be magnificent. two
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hundred years ago it was closed by the. museum. services. and today the area in front of it is one of the city's main. tourist spots. the church of the spilled blood is located off the main streets here. on the site. was assassinated. in his memory. we show you some alternative sites excursions. to the cities. very popular. seven hundred. twenty five. people. should. this is the early field our guests also include those who are
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interested in history literature myths and legends of some petersburg each room represents a legend or a myth connected to the city's most famous story literature characters all united by one theme jack. for example legend has it much and kosky died in simpy his back in eighty ninety three not because of color but because he famously said his last simply was larger than his entire life hours later. he stands. in the ring shows the body of the person historical figure or species burned by conspires often used pulleys and shot and drowned. the harnessing isn't for the faint but the light hearted tourists among us i think it's a perfect escape an alternative in statement after being subjected to hours inside the city's palaces. the welcome to the tourism st petersburg and interactive
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museum dedicated to the myths and legends of the city the last book it's cool it's a scene through a labyrinth of that same rooms where you come up close and personal to terrifying exhibits i witnessed don't think as of the past it is disputed and peter the great . so what other alternative activities can you enjoy it said petersburg the ford museum of dreams located in the st petersburg institute of psychoanalysis open in one thousand nine hundred nine to mark the one hundred years since for its famous book the interpretations of dreams was published there are two holes exploring the psychologist's theories the so-called light school splays historical facts and figures where the guide explains freud's work while the dark hole is a collection of at first sight meaningless their names to guide suggests the visitors should perceive the display in accordance with their own experience and see. and
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desires. there's a museum in the northern capital which celebrates the rich history of the world famous drink vodka display cover such a reserve history in russia starting from the eleventh century when it was originally called red wine and expose drinking traditions and rituals. during peter the great sway in many votes good drink in traditions were established and many of them exist to this day for example they size and cheer a school should be illegal goblet which was a prototype for a ritual of penalty shots for being late to party the amount of which one had to drink from the goblet was fixed and total to one letter guess too late to bidders balls or dance badly broken large to drink. the whole thousands of exhibits amazing broken bottles spanning centuries there are also several unusual items on display which include even. space after you're done with exploring the items in
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glass cabinets invites to focus in a room which contains over two hundred various machines and next door to the museum there's a restaurant called russian folk arena which offers of course traditional russian hussein. and if you have a special occasion it's a petersburg or just want to look top notch in the city where professionals will take care of your style dozens of hair stylists make an artist's own cosmetologists if you're constantly upgrading their skills and your top schools or professionals of the industry will help you look your best. the celebrated phenomenon of the white knights a source of much pleasure petersburg as they call it businesses it's an exciting time to visit the city it's not just to do will bring in regards to your personal time clock and discuss the culture in the city with its insider let's meet this week's guests lower level to me. so you're from thrill and they've been living here . yes that's right.
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nature so we try to promote the cultural cooperation between finland and russia it is very useful it seems that some petersburg is a completely different city in the winter than it is in the summer tell me about some of the activities that you enjoy you know what i mean. first of all people act totally differently during the summer time people russian people. love to go out into time they're just trying to get home as soon as possible so people go hang out in the parks in the restaurants terrorists if you had any visitors already any tourists coming to the city where would you recommend that they want to visit they had to. heat up paul's fortress which is on the other side really beautiful especially during the summer this really really nice atmosphere when the bell. ringing and take a walk around around downtown because it's missing the architecture is amazing and
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beautiful well what if the weather is bad because you know one that can be a rainy day can be sunny it's a bit temperamental little bit like it was you recommend. something inside i think it's you know there's this amazing traditional old russian vodka room called. going to. have a glass of water which costs twenty roubles as far as i remember. going to you're not into drinking. i think there will be museums that were going to cathedrals that well there's a whole range of different mazing churches and cathedrals all over the state. starting. with the want to party. with the story sites. cultural capital st petersburg reflects the country's
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extraordinary state like the city there are various ways to see the city by speedboat roller blading bicycles you can hide them privately or take part in group guided tours either way you can see all the major sites such as the peaceful way for those who crave adrenaline filled activities there are a few other suggestions too like this next form of transport. welcome to the world of the furious the bike is a sixty version from the city. and the tourists. there are many people who dream of once riding a bike. is popular destination for tourists so we decided to combine these two facts and to show our city to those who fancy riding a bike from your perspective or experience bikers can give you a tour and not only tell you about the main most popular landmarks but also provide
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an unusual tour showing some hidden gems of st petersburg which you won't find in a guidebook. to pull it off. to last about two hours in the prices from three thousand five hundred miles that's around one hundred twenty. six who started this initiative the group of bikers who decided that many people should. cities tourists interests can be combined one. is you will see a city in the city the city you. to buy from still school might be too much for me such an adrenaline filled excursion sums up the city in the summer exciting and simply take. one. i mean credible
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experience and what a spectacular view behind us all the hybrid cars i love the sunday before sleep that's all the time we have on this week's program from st petersburg i'll see you again at the same time next week until then for me and the rest of the kurds by. clear. the limited. to just sleep.
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just sleep and. see. the for.
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top stories moxie in the latest chapter of the georgian spy saga high profile photographers are in the spotlight has to play seek uses them of working for moscow . video evidence to prove their guilt but skeptics say it's part of the government's agenda the boost empty washington stay on. its feet hundreds of people have been killed in the blast and to administer but there is confusion because state officials say there were no fatalities human rights groups are reporting that i mean nation's factory blew up the government pledging a file taxes. on the owner of the british tabloid accused of hacking into the
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phones of mud the victims is heading to london to take charge of the escalating crisis as police make arrests the news the world is now facing claims it's meddled with evidence as its final edition goes to bring. in the top stories from moscow this morning eunice got the latest sport for now. good to have you with us this is sports today here on twenty four hour r.t. i'm you know known for heading. up for grabs it's confirmed. bacon w.b. a world heavyweight title will be contested between alexander ovechkin and. gridiron red bulls mark webber holds his nerve to secure pole for british grand prix out
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silverstone. on a new home quest to once again reach the top ranks of european basketball picks all pace with the addition of serbian milosz. let's get going with boxing where the next new heavyweight champion of the world will he'll either from russia or pakistan the alexander prevent. have to clash on august twenty seventh for vladimir klitschko was vacated w b a cron to score securing the belt so we also we can from david haye in doing so he became known as super a champion of the w.p.a. division not because it could technically take years for klitschko a to defend three other titles needing to be fought over as well but that. will do buffel. brother for telling touching base in the russian capital this week to show off all six crawl and the hole between them the younger sibling stating he'd like to
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organize a party in either his home kiev or. the stadium. where the champions and doesn't matter how many bells are out there were other bells you know we have super temperature bowls and other interim chambers of both we didn't choose. the diversion we're going to be champions and we'll see who's in the challenger and i'll see who's my challenger in the next couple of weeks so make sure who is the guy who was going to be staged. ok let's talk football the cup america where chile have maintained their position as group c. leaders coming from behind to draw one one with your ago-i both sides who had numerous chances in the first off but neither could convert them who swore it was the guilty here and then what would have unquestionably been the strangest goal of the tournaments a date was justified kept by the europe wide cross bar a remarkable effort on the moment why did eventually seize the initiative ten
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minutes after the break patience the key for this one story is in no rush before setting up i'll follow pereira to count the celts home for one nil but chile where to leave empty handed he seemed to suggest finding danger man how alexis sanchez here and even the z. danger man should try to close in europe i think. the champions on top of group c. then but only because of goals scored peru thirty surprise partners at the summit following a shock when over mexico jose with the only goal of the game eighty two minutes enough to slide away from the mix in the france ruined chile thus leading the table with four points from two. at least most cup player has called it a day after almost two decades on the big stage fabio cannavaro announcing his retirement from football at the age of thirty seven two to a lingering knee injury the defender played in four cups coupling italy to the
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title in two thousand and six he i'm off the top of one hundred thirty six inch national caps before retiring from the national scene i year ago kind of our own was also named fifa world player of the year in zero six becoming the only defender to ever be awarded the accolade the neapolitan play for a total of six teams during his club career including two stents with eventis and three seasons with real madrid where he won two league titles kind of r.-o. finishing his playing career with awfully dubai. i will now take over as the club's technical advisor. red bull are showing no signs of letting go of their formula one stranglehold over all leader sebastian vettel second only to teammate mark webber in british g.p. qualifying made some inclement weather but you were then to start at one and two in the grid in a repeat of last year's results where one here last season on edge vettel i thought this time around to put himself into prime decision to repeat the achievement
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history and seemingly in sync with the silverstone circuit he also dominated practice a day ago a perforation keeping things tighter with the two time champion fernando alonso and sleep i must say writes on the heels of all the red hot red bulls jenson button who trails vettel by seventy seven points in the overall standings will start from fish form. cycling's most prestigious event meanwhile has entered the martens for the first time this season rudi alberto cost of portugal the sending to the finish line ahead of the competition on stage eight of the tour de france the twenty four year old showing his climbing progress to hand his movie star team their first ever stage when the event all rounder philip gilberto one of the future break from a group in the final two kilometer climb that earned him a second place on the effort also propels the belgian to first in the points classification condell evans he was third were first told me while finished sixteenth but still good enough to hold on to the overall leaders yellow jersey for
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another all day. baseball is still reeling from thursday's shock death of a fun during a texas rangers game with the oakland athletics thirty nine year old shannon stone falling over the railings in front of a song after attempting to catch a ball tossed into the stands by rangers player josh hamilton the tragedy deeply affecting the team and its president. it hits aside our roots of who we are. we're about making memories. about family entertainment and last night we had a father and son at the game. and had a very tragic and it's on them and it just. drives it to the core of what we are about and the memories of that that we tried to make in this game. straight back on the map in southern hemisphere rugby's biggest club
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competition the queensland reds winning their first ever super fifteen title beating new zealand powerhouse the canterbury crusaders the reds finished next to last back in two thousand and nine but an amazing turnaround story was there for the taking on suffered a seven time champions two seaters though displaying their pedigree early on museum and international carter making it five euro the twenty nine rule without a penalty in the second half or a ten six lead the underdogs were getting used to tonight's saving the day i think the score tied thirty somehow turning sixty five metres to win the contest it to the store so in the stream team takes the ship the rugby title for the first time in seven years i think to thank the. boss of all where china is first n.b.a. star yao ming his retirement the houston rockets center quitting the game after eight seasons in the world's top league that thirty year old has suffered numerous
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foot ankle injuries throughout his career and was forced to miss the entire two thousand and nine season he also played only five times last year the rockets getting past the first round playoff just once during his state never reaching the n.b.a. finals however yeah i was a hero back home the two point two nine meter shanghai native is an eight time all star no less on this massively helped in promoting his sport in asia. and staying on the hardwood where c.s.k. have unveiled a man they hope can turn around their structuring form over the past couple of seasons serb theo don't sit shy growing a three year contract in moscow this week the twenty four year old is regarded as one of the best point guards in europe richard from port reports is the lighted to signed up with the army men. after last season's disappointments well since count didn't even make it out of the group stages of the euro league the only men have shown they're looking to get right back to the top ahead of
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a new campaign twenty four year old serbian point guard me last year dosage has been made as player to join the moscow iron states and a former olympian says it was an easy decision when the time when. i believe in the same time was. told. i was. enjoying watching it. and. you know to be one of my favorite teams wasn't so difficult to. go and says to the dosage is rated as one of the best plays in europe while twenty four he still has space years ahead of him part of the reason he's so highly rated is his versatility where you can play a point guard all shooting guard so i gave a serval start in a play making role given that say is come on going to be offering veteran american john robert holden a new contract until the dosage is eager to make his mark on the new season gets
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under way this year we build a great team and. big teams and he's one of biggest in europe. we do. believe we can be a true true true story to dosage when b.b. only serve one serious cause roster he'll be joining good friend may not creased each who signed to be on him in just a couple of weeks ago and to dorset says his fellow countryman played a big role in persuading him to join sas camp yeah. we was all together and he was also a. school and i say oh we. this is also most of my wish because i believe this is this is the best choice for me. of course of course to push me to live with
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a little go final pieces of the jigsaw are being put into place with the new year league season due to get underway in mid october however the signing of tear dosage sends out a signal to the rest of europe that say it's car determined to once again become one of the top clubs on the continents richard i'm hopefully don't see moscow. that wraps up the sport for this our world weather though is coming up in just a tick. hungry for the full story we've got it first the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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she's available in.
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chrome. called the. holiday inn. hotel. so sure to find this piece of the first book. called boutique hotel. headlining tonight on r t in the latest chapter of the georgian. high profile photography. to. go. video calling fish skeptics inside the country say the government is trying to drum up until. a few minutes time also it's feared hundreds of people have been killed in a blast in turkmenistan but there's confusion the state officials say there was no room for. the owner of the british tabloid
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accused of hacking into the phones of murder victims is heading to london to take charge of the escalating crisis as police make arrests. very good morning from moscow and it's one am here now you're watching r t and the georgian government says high profile photographers arrested this week were linked to russian special services and passed on secret information to the three men have now been charged with spying of being arrested a few days ago our correspondent peter all of us following the story. initially there were four photojournalists arrested on thursday one of those has now been released without charge over the three that remain in custody are all pool reporters meaning that they had very close quarters contact with the president of georgia because saakashvili we are hearing this one of those who are is in custody
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has confessed on video to having been a spy to be sending information to moscow and in a not video confession he is implicated a not the one of those three that are in custody now with regard to the third member of the team he's believed to be in on a hunger strike denying any charges against him now the reason they were charged this comes after their their personal hard drives were seized and detailed maps of the presidential compound and presidential goings on the the the daily schedule of mikheil saakashvili was found on that hard drive this resulted in the charges being leveled against them now they will remain in custody until september when they will face a closed doors trial but russia is accused of being a little quick on the draw when it comes to labeling people spies they say that there isn't enough evidence to link these people to to moscow and says that the russians aren't the only people that think that russia has jumped the gun
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a few times on labeling people spies.


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